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Technology Professional since 1988. SQL Server DBA since Windows NT 3.0 Beta and SQL Server 4.21a Beta. Yes, I really did install Windows 2.11 from floppy disks. With a work history too long to include here I'm currently working with Teradata Applications - Cloud Services - A Teradata company as the Principal Systems Architect since 2011. I'm married to my wonderful wife - Mel, and we recently moved to Middle Tennessee.

Didn’t see that coming…

Well, its been a little over two years since the Dell/EMC acquisition, and frankly, I never saw that coming.  I never believed in a thousand years that Dell would be capable of consuming EMC (to include VMware, Pivatol, RSA, VirtuStream, … Continue reading

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Today, Let’s talk about Storage.

I love to talk about storage.  I talk about block storage, file storage, local attached storage, shared storage and ephemeral storage, There’s ‘Software Defined Storage’ and Enterprise Storage.  There’s Software Defined Enterprise Storage.   Lets not forget about storage protection.  There’s RAID … Continue reading

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Is Information Technology departments going the way of Netflix?

I recently read an interesting article on the way Netflix transitioned to an all AWS infrastructure over the past 6 years.  (read the article yourself here: ( )  As I was reading this article I was thinking about how … Continue reading

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Disk Queue Length @

I recently posted on with regard to a question about Disk Queue Length… “As an employee of a major data managment/san storage provider I get asked questions like this quite often, and I really liked the one answer: “It … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Yes, this is my blogging birthday.  Today I am born into the blogosphere – and NO, this is not my real birthday – though gift certificates to Dairy Queen are always accepted.   The irony of the “hello world!” is not lost on me.  … Continue reading

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