Randy Loeschner is a Technology Professional since 1988.

Currently serving as a Principal Systems Architect for a Cloud Application delivery organization since 2011.  Prior roles include Advisory Technology Consultant with EMC, and various Database Engineering roles for various fortune 100 companies around the country. (shameless name-dropping goes here: Monsanto, Wells Fargo Home Mortgages, Charter Communications, Anheuser-Busch, Bank of America Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Corporation, HomeSpace.com, Lucent/Avaya, First Data Corporation, IBM, Reuters) and many smaller lesser known companies that very few would have ever heard of (sorry – no shameless name-dropping here).

Randy is passionate about technology and solving business problems with technology (and the people and processes needed to run the technology).

When not solving problems at the office Randy and his wife enjoy working around the house in Tennessee, traveling around the country, and, of course, riding his Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic whenever and wherever he can.

If you have a question for Randy – please leave him a note.

Comments to Randy’s blog’s are always welcomed.



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